Become the professional you want to be with MyGPD.

MyGPD is an initiative of the School of Graduate Studies Centre for Graduate Professional Development (CGPD) designed to help all graduate students prepare for their future by advancing the development of important transferable skills and competencies.

MyGPD will help you:

  • communicate better
  • work effectively in teams and as leaders
  • strengthen your personal efficacy
  • gain teaching skills
  • develop research skills
  • learn how to share information with a wide variety of audiences

In other words, MyGPD will help you become the professional you want to be.

How It Works

Our new virtual learning space holds a wide range of events, courses, resources, and workshops, offered through a variety of program partners, which you choose based on your professional development goals. 

First Steps

  • Connect with your community of support. 
  • Take stock of your current skills. Where are your strengths and areas of improvement? Which skills would you like to acquire or develop?​
  • Create an Individual Development Plan by setting goals and registering for events that can help you achieve your goals.

Supports and Resources

MyGPD supports and resources are listed in three ways. We encourage you to explore them in any way you wish.

Here’s the type of content you can expect:

  • Reinventing Your Career in the Time of Coronavirus
    Herminia Ibarra

When You’re Done

Much like research, professional development is an indefinite, iterative process. Approximately every 6 months, check in with your team and your plan and ask:

  • Have you developed the skills you aimed to gain?
  • Have you come upon other skills that you’d like to work on?
  • Have your career goals, and therefore your professional development goals, changed?

Rethink and reformulate your plan and then look at offerings that will help you with this revised plan. Fit these offerings into your upcoming schedule.

After completing approximately 60 hours of professional development, you are eligible for a transcript notation. Submit a notation form, a reflective piece, and your Individual Development Plan.

Accessing MyGPD on Quercus

Accessing MyGPD is easy:

  1. Click here to enrol in MyGPD (it is designed as a course on Quercus). You will be required to login with your UTORid and password.
  2. Once you are logged in, click the button on the right to go to the course.

That’s it! You should see MyGPD in your course listing as shown to the right.

Contact Us

Do you need help accessing MyGPD? Want to share your experiences with us or provide a quote for our website? Do you have ideas for future MyGPD offerings or enhancements? Contact us.