Yuval Peled

Yuval Peled

Yuval Peled

2023 3MT Finalist


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Yuval, a recently graduated dentist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently, I’m pursuing an MSc degree at U of T, where I’m conducting research on neutrophils’ (human white blood cells) interaction with teeth and dental materials under the supervision of Dr. Yoav Finer and Dr. Michael Glogauer. My primary goal is to promote dental care through the use of innovative methods and technologies.

What are you researching?

My research focuses on the potentially destructive behaviour of neutrophils, human white blood cells, in tooth decay. Specifically, I am exploring the mechanism behind their ability to damage tooth components and dental composite fillings. I aim to identify the factors activating neutrophils and to understand how they degrade teeth at a molecular level. Through my research, I hope to provide insights that will help develop effective strategies for tooth-decay prevention.

What impact do you hope to have on your field and / or your community?

Although it is widely accepted that tooth decay is mainly attributed to bacterial infection, many patients who practice good oral hygiene still suffer from it, suggesting that other factors may be involved. My research aims to shed light on the role of neutrophils in this process, which has been largely overlooked. By investigating the interaction between neutrophils, dental materials, and teeth, I hope to develop new materials that can target both bacteria and neutrophils. Implementing this personalized treatment approach could significantly improve dental care and oral health.

How has the 3MT helped you with your professional development?

Participating in the 3MT exercise helped me to effectively communicate my research in a clear and straightforward manner that can appeal to a general audience. Additionally, it improved my ability to deliver the essential aspects of my work accurately and concisely.