Jaime Grimm

Jaime Grimm

Jaime Grimm

2023 3MT Finalist

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a PhD candidate in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology and a first-gen university graduate. I love being outside in any capacity – research or leisure – and can be found cycling, hiking, tide pooling and scuba diving. When I’m indoors, you can find me reading or watching sci-fi, knitting, beading or hanging out with my cat.

What are you researching?

My research aims to find policy and management solutions to wild salmon conservation in coastal British Columbia. About half of wild Pacific salmon populations are threatened, in part due to increased disease prevalence associated with open-net pen salmon farming. My research aims to understand this threat and inform plans to mitigate risks to wild fish.

What impact do you hope to have on your field and / or your community?

I hope to integrate community priorities and knowledge gaps into my research plan to address questions that limit our ability to make evidence-driven management decisions. Ultimately, I hope that my research will provide one piece of the puzzle to reduce risks to wild salmon and keep them around for the wildlife and communities that rely on them.

How has the 3MT helped you with your professional development?

It has given me the opportunity to step back and see the big picture of my research. It has forced me to focus my energy on communicating a complex issue in an interesting, comprehensive and understandable way in a very short period of time. If nothing else, I hope that it’ll make my storytelling more interesting at parties!